Safe Zone

Safe Zone Agreements

Our goal is to create a place where leaders can discuss cultural topics and issues without fear of being called out or shouted down. We encourage cognitive diversity. We understand that people of different cultures and backgrounds do not see the world through the same lens and we respect different perspectives. By engaging in one of our forums, or on the main activity feed, you agree to speak with other people respectfully and thoughtfully. 

By engaging on this site, you agree to:

1. Communicate respectfully with other members on the site.
2. Seek to understand other people’s viewpoints when they are different from your own.
3. NEVER publicly call out or cancel another member of this site for their perspective.
4. NEVER record or reproduce conversations or content from this site.
5. Not use racial slurs or derogatory name-calling of any nature on the site.
6. Not harass any other member on the site. If they make it known that they don’t want you to communicate with them, to honor them and their request.
7. Live by the principles of Cultural Mastery to seek cultural endearment together.

You can also adjust your privacy settings under Account > Privacy. Access from your navigation menu.