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The goal of intercultural relations should not be tolerance, acceptance, or even agreement. It should be endearment.

From The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery

Instructions and Introduction

Please watch the brief program introductions below with Dr. David Johnson, President of Johnston Community College, Dr. Evelyn Kelly, Vice President of Foundational Studies at Johnston Community College, and Ricardo González, author of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery and The Cultural Transformation Manifesto and main teacher of this course. Also, before you begin the course, read the instructions beneath the videos. 

Dr. David Johnson

Dr. Evelyn Kelly

Thank you for taking the Cultural Mastery Essentials program sponsored by Johnston Community College. This program is designed to help you develop a healthier cultural mindset and skill set which will allow you to better navigate our culturally complex world, develop more meaningful relationships with others different from yourself, and make more culturally relevant and impactful decisions.

There are eight modules in the Essentials program including the brief exit survey which is part of the process. It should take you around 90 minutes total to complete this program. You do not need to complete the entire program in one setting.  After you complete a module you MUST pass the three question quiz to get access to the next module which will automatically be made available upon passing. Start the course by clicking on the What is Culture? lesson in the menu below.

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Course Includes

  • 8 Modules
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