CC – Hispanics

This cultural concentration on Hispanics/Latinos will help you to develop a deeper understanding of and empathy towards the Hispanic/Latino people. All videos and articles in this concentration were carefully chosen. As with all outside materials in our courses, it is never our intent to offend, or take a position on a matter. We simply want to expose you to another culture in a meaningful manner.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each Stage in this concentration is designed to take in parallel with the same stage in your main CulturalMastery™ course. When you finish a Stage, please click the Mark Complete button beneath the video and two articles to open up the next Stage and also to register Stage completion within our system. This is important as it is necessary to complete all stages, and register completion, in order to receive course certification. Please click on the Stage open to you on the menu below to begin taking your cultural concentration. Enjoy!

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